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Finance consulting that suits all your needs


Are you a recent graduate and do you dream of establishing your own firm? Would you like to start a company? We advise beginning entrepreneurs in accordance with their needs, allowing you to embark on your adventure with all the knowledge you need to succeed. A solid business plan is essential when setting up your own business, and that includes a financial plan. How do you set about drawing up a business or financial plan? It’s very simple; we provide support from A to Z. A well-defined business plan can help you assess the viability of your undertaking. How realistic are your plans, and in what direction do you wish to take your enterprise? Even after the initial start-up, a business plan remains useful. When there are important decisions to be made, it will act as a touchstone.


The services provided by our accounting firm in Sint-Martens-Latem relate first and foremost to your company’s accounting needs and fulfilment of your fiscal obligations. Tailored to fit your needs as a customer. You are welcome to come to our offices, or we can visit you at your company and use your own accounting software there. We work in Yuki, Exact Online… Our customers can count on interim accounting reports, profit calculations and tax optimisation (per quarter or month). That way, you can be pro-active in making the right decisions to advance your business.


As we are always thinking about your company’s future, in addition to traditional methods, we’ve also been using online digital accounting software for years now.
We can help your company make the transition to digital accounting with online software:

  • Automatic electronic processing of all scanned invoices for purchases and sales, payroll documents, bank statements, accounting books…

  • Using an app or your computer, you’ll be able to consult or enter all your data online, whenever you want.


Are you in need of fiscal advice concerning your corporate tax, income tax or VAT? As fiscal advisers, we help companies and private individuals to comply with tax laws and regulations. We are fully committed to achieving optimal results within the legal framework. We explain the tax implications and provide fiscal advice with regard to your investments, expansion plans and (un)scheduled changes to your company, in addition to more personal matters such as marriage and divorce.


Vincent Neslany also offers customers legal advice. This may concern the fulfilment of legal formalities relating to corporate disclosure (both the Belgian Official Gazette and the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises) or the minutes for various meetings.

Additionally, we offer first-line legal assistance. This can range from reviews of various agreements to drawing up such agreements and the follow-up of pending court cases (in partnership with your lawyer).

Advice on agreements often relates to trade and contract law; management agreements, rental agreements, loans, purchase agreements, intellectual property, franchise agreements, loan assistance, commercial relationships, gift tax or inheritance tax.

We also offer consulting services relating to company law. This includes assistance with the incorporation, restructuring (merger, demerger, conversion) and liquidation of companies, the acquisition and transfer of shares and judicial reorganisation and bankruptcy procedures.


To determine a financial framework for the future or be able to provide useful advice, an awareness of financial operations under the current policy is essential. Vincent Neslany will start by thoroughly analysing your company’s current situation before you make any new investments, (re)distribute or plan your working capital requirements.

It goes without saying that this financial analysis starts from your company accounts. We draw up the following reports:

  • A balance sheet, offering an accurate reflection of your company’s financial circumstances on a specific date.

  • An income statement with an overview of your financial results for the past year.

  • A social balance sheet, for more detailed information about the past year’s staffing.

  • A budget that sets out your financial plans for the upcoming business year.


Oplossingen op maat van de cliënt

  • Aangiftes personenbelasting

  • Aangiftes vennootschapsbelasting

  • Fiscaal advies

  • Optimalisaties tussen diverse belastingen

  • Afhandelen van controles en bijstand

Boekhoudkantoor SN&P bv, Vincen Neslany
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